Are you planning a bachelorette party? If so, then don’t waste too much time on it. Of course you must go through all the other steps as it were a usual party, but keep in mind that the most important thing about it is for the future bride to spend some time with her friends, act crazy and have fun.

Thus, the hen party invitations don’t need to be anything big like the wedding shower invites or even lingerie shower invites. You probably won’t have a theme since it’s just going to be a girls night out sort of party. So although this might take some of the burden off your shoulders, you might feel that you have nothing to cling to when creating the invitations.

Don’t worry, let your mind be creative and go with your instinct. Think about your friend and about what she likes. You can design the invitation to reflect her personality or the party favors. This is the best option to go for if you have nothing else in mind. But be careful and don’t overdo the invitations. You need to keep it simple and concise.

Everyone knows how a bachelorette party can turn out, so don’t try to inspire anything with your invitation. Planning doesn’t help in this situation so just let things take their natural course. The bachelorette party invitations must be informal and modern. Make them fun and put some nice and intriguing wording in them.

Don’t worry if you’re not creative, you can find millions of wording examples and ideas online. You can even get a nice bachelorette party invitation design from the web, simply download it and print it. Don’t use last names in your invitations as they will sound too formal. Keep it simple! You can even use nicknames, no one will mind since it’s just you girls.

Make sure to write in the bachelorette party invitations the RSVP information so that everyone is present at the set time. You wouldn’t want them to be late or lost, right? Then also include some directions if you think that some of them don’t know the place. Also, make sure you send out the invitations at least two weeks before the event so that everyone is able to prepare and attend.

Everything about this party says fun. So make sure you bride to be has the best time of her life on her last night out as a single gal. Don’t let her think even one second about the bachelor’s party because she will only become anxious and nervous.

It’s best if you take care of one aspect when thinking about ‘planning’ a bachelorette party that doesn’t actually have to be planned. You must make sure that you designate a driver before the night starts. This way you’ll avoid any accidents and make sure that there’s someone sober to take care of all girls while they’ll be partying like crazy.

One last thing you should be worried about is the date of the party. It’s better if you choose the weekend due to that fact that everyone should be available then. Moreover, most of you will end up with headaches, so the best day for a bachelorette is Saturday, since Sunday you won’t be going to work and will be able to recover.


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